Sell Silver Bullion


Get the most cash when selling silver bullion from TRUVAL. We buy silver bullion ranging from 1 0z to 1000 oz.

What kind of silver bullion can i sell?

Silver bullion bars have been produced by many different mints and refineries throughout the country in the last 50 years. The best selling silver bullion is the Johnson Mathey and Engelhard silver bars, however there is a strong silver market for all silver bars and we purchase them all.

Sell silver bullion for the most cash!!

The price of silver has doubled in the last 12 months making this the best time to get the most for your silver bullion. our silver bullion payout is based on the same day “silver U.S. Price fix”. if you have been thinking about selling silver bullion now is the best time in the last 20 years! our expert silver bullion buyers can be reached at 800-759-1593 for a free estimate.

Two Easy Options to Sell Silver Bullion – Visit A NYC location or Request A Free Shipping Kit

Sell silver bullion in New York
sell silver online

How to Sell Silver Bullion By Mail?

With our free FedEx Shipping service, all packages are insured for $1000 for your peace of mind – simply give us a call if you need higher insure. To discuss how to sell silver online safely call 800-759-1593

Sell Silver Bullion In-person…

Sell silver bullion at one of our NYC locations, our silver bullion buyers are ready to pay cash on the spot.