Sell Silverware for the Most Cash

by Steven Madar on March 21, 2011

Everyone has used sterling silverware in the past, but times sure are changing, in fact now most people don’t have time to polish silverware for that occasional holiday dinner. So what do we do with that old silverware set? Can you sell silverware for cash? – Sure! Here comes the hard part, what’s my silver worth?

A good place to start is to check the market value for silver, it changes daily so it’s best to check the “London Silver Fix” the day you want to sell your silverware. This is the price that is used by silver buyers and you should know what it is. The good news is that it’s up from $17.00 in 2010 to $36.00 in 2011, so silver has literally doubled in value in the last 12 months.

For the lucky few who have estate silverware items by branded companies such as Tiffany & Co, George Jensen and other fine Silversmiths you may try to get a slight premium to the silver market price, but be warned, collectors want silverware that is from the 19th century and older, in complete sets and pristine condition.

So if you have inherited grandma’s old silverware set, there is plenty to be happy about, you can walk out of a local silver buyer in minutes with thousands of dollars in cash. So don’t delay, sell silverware today!


Silverware will ALWAYS be marked “sterling” or “.925″ or “800″